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In Thailand for more than 15 years,we have gained invaluable insight into the customs, habits and rules that exist within Thai society and everyday life. We have been able to develop contacts within each social class... read more


We understand that making contact with a private detective is not an easy thing to do. Why choose an agency rather than another? Unrecognised profession, how not to make a mistake? What should we expect from the service provided? read more

The Fees

Our rates are moderate, but we never depart from the work quality. We calculate the fees as follows read more

Social media, new technologies

Nobody might ignore the impact of Social Media in our business. Facebook, Whatsapp, line and more, indeed , are standing in for the traditional means of communication read more


The listing is not exhaustive, and you will find here enclosed the most frequent investigations during the 3 last years read more

In Business

Most of the time, invstigations for companies are necessary for securise investment, relationship. read more


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