Discreet and efficient

In Thailand for more than 15 years, we have gained invaluable insight into the customs, habits and rules that exist within Thai society and everyday life. We have been able to develop contacts within each social class. In a first time, we focus our activity on French-speaking clients, then , in 2014 we opened an English website. A part of our customers is supplied by foreign detectives. According to the statistics of our Internet provider, we receive 15000 visits per year in each of our websites.


We understand that making contact with a private detective is not an easy thing to do. Why choose an agency rather than another? Unrecognised profession, how not to make a mistake? What should we expect from the service provided?
You will know the person speaking to you from the first contact. According the information you will bring to him , and the expected time for investigation, he will offer an estimate to be confirmed by mail. After receiving your agreement, he will begin the mission. A daily contact is possible to let you know the investigation progress.

The Fees

Our rates are moderate, but we never depart from the work quality. We calculate the fees as follows : We charge 4200 baths per day, in the Bangkok/Pattaya areas. In other regions, we have to add travel expanses. If you ask only for a background of someone, we charge 8000 baths. The background will inform you about the family status, marital status, the address, education, and judicial records of the person you want to check. A mail will confirm the quote

Social Media, New technologies

Nobody might ignore the impact of Social Media in our business. Facebook, Whatsapp, line and more, indeed , are standing in for the traditional means of communication. We adapted our strategy to the fact, we investigate to find out multiple pseudos, when possible we infiltrate our target, and close friends. We don't make hacking.